Downtown Toyota Environmental Policy

Downtown Toyota Environmental Policy

Downtown Toyota has a genuine commitment to good environmental practice. We have established all necessary licenses and agreements necessary to safely dispose of Trade Waste fluids and solids to comply with State and Federal Environmental Regulations.

We have also implemented work practices to minimise all environmental hazards and to ensure a safe workplace environment has been established.

Where possible, we aim to recycle wastes including:

  • packaging materials,
  • parts such as batteries and oil filters, as well as
  • paper and general waste.
  • plastic bags and plastic car components
  • scrap metals and alloys

We also continually strive to confirm and improve our work practices through regular environmental audits.

Today’s public and our concern for the environment is greater than ever before and we firmly believe that by working together in utilising our knowledge and awareness we can reduce our environment impact.

Nick Pappas
Dealer Principal
Downtown Toyota