6 June 2024 · Used Car Retail

Eddie Harris: The Heartbeat of Downtown Toyota's Sales Floor

Eddie Harris

At Downtown Toyota, we pride ourselves on having a dynamic and dedicated team that brings energy and enthusiasm to everything we do. Eddie Harris, our youngest salesperson, embodies these qualities and more. With his infectious positivity and genuine passion for cars, Eddie is quickly becoming a favorite among our customers.

Eddie’s journey to Downtown Toyota is a story of passion and perseverance. Originally from Cairns, Eddie moved to Brisbane with a clear goal in mind: to immerse himself in the world of cars. His early work experience as a deckhand and waiter at Spirit of Cairns equipped him with invaluable skills in customer service and teamwork. These roles taught him the importance of treating customers with respect and always presenting a positive attitude—traits he continues to uphold at Downtown Toyota.

Beyond the Showroom

Beyond his professional life, Eddie is known for his kindness and upbeat attitude. He is a beloved member of the team, always bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Eddie’s colleagues appreciate his positive nature and his willingness to go above and beyond to help others. He is a good sport, always ready to lend a hand and make the workday enjoyable for everyone.

Eddie's love for music, particularly as a percussionist, remains a significant part of his life. His background in music has not only shaped his personal interests but also honed his discipline and creativity, which he now channels into his role at Downtown Toyota.

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Get to Know Eddie

Eddie is more than just a great salesperson; he's a positive force within our team. His approach to life and work is simple: always do your best and enjoy every moment. This philosophy has made Eddie a beloved member of the Downtown Toyota family and a rising star in the automotive sales world.

Come meet Eddie at Downtown Toyota and experience his unique blend of energy, positivity, and car expertise. If you’ve worked with Eddie before, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a review or reach out to Eddie directly for any of your car needs. He’s ready to help you find your dream car and make your experience unforgettable.