1 December 2019 · Car Servicing Tips

Summer Road Trip Tips

Jetty Jumping

Every time you climb into your car it’s important to listen, to be alert for changes in performance and to take note of visual tip-offs that indicate service or repairs may be needed. Not only will it help you to ride in style, the following checks will help you make sure that you’ll always arrive safe, refreshed and relaxed, whatever the destination.

Maintain your car battery – We rely on our car batteries to keep delivering us our vehicle comforts like electric windows, audio and navigation and air conditioning. Can you imagine a road trip with no music? Us either! To avoid a dead battery, and to keep these luxuries, it’s important to remember to turn off your headlights and interior lights when the engine isn’t running and to take your car out for long drives on a regular basis. Short trips that constantly require the engine to be turned off and restarted will drain your battery.

Avoid a flat tyre – The correct tyre pressure is vital to keep you in control in all conditions, on or off-road. To locate the correct tyre pressure for your car check the label inside the driver’s door or in your Owner’s Manual. To ensure that you’re connected on the road it’s important to do a visual check of your tyre pressure before you set off, including checking them with a pressure gauge when the tyres are cold. A tyre pressure gauge and air hose can be found at all petrol stations. And don't forget to also check your spare!

Be aware of all the bells and whistles – at home, you should find the time to walk around your car to check that all lights and indicators are operating before leaving on your journey. You should also check the service indicators (which should light up on your dash when you start the engine) and horn are operating. Without these working items it is difficult to deliver a safe and dynamic driving experience.

For more info and a full checklist of service items click here  or visit one of our service departments at Morningside or Wynnum today! Locations can be found here 

We hope you have a safe and happy driving experience with your Toyota this summer,

- The Downtown Toyota team!