1 March 2020 · Car Servicing Tips

Basic Car Care Tips for First Time Owners

So you bought your first car and might be a little hopeless with the mechanical side of things? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to research by ‘Cheap Car Insurance’ over 60 percent of people can’t do basic maintenance like change a flat tyre.

Here are our top car maintenance essentials for first time car owners:

Fluids Check

check fluids

Fluids to check include: Coolant, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid and Windshield Washer Fluid. When checking fluids, always make sure the engine is cool and the car is parked on a flat surface. It is important to make sure all of these fluids are within the min and max range at all times (regular checks are recommended). Also ensure you always check the owner’s manual before doing any work of your own.

Oil Check

oil check

Before checking anything, ensure you check your owner’s manual for specific model details and instructions. Engine must be cool and vehicle parked on a flat surface when looking at fluid levels. All engines have a built-in dipstick to check oil levels, make sure this is cleaned before reinserting for the check. If oil is dirty or smells of gasoline this often indicates it is due for changing.

Tyre Pressure Check

tyre pressure check

Your owner’s manual will specify the optimal tyre pressure range for your car so check this first. Once you know, you can check to make sure that your pressure is within range. Use either a gauge that you own or your closest Service Station will have one you can use. TOP TIP: If you can feel your car bouncing a little more or pulling to one side more than normal when driving this is often an indication that your tyre pressure level has decreased.

Most important tip of all? Make sure you service your car regularly and on-time. These guys are the experts and can pick up on anything you may have missed as well as do all the more involved maintenance work.