28 October 2022 · Car Servicing Tips

6 Reasons To Choose Toyota Genuine Parts

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Why You Need Toyota Genuine Parts

High-quality performance and reliability are some of the many reasons why car owners choose Toyota. However, it's important to ensure that the integrity and safety of your Toyota are maintained throughout its lifetime to enjoy all of the benefits that a Toyota vehicle has to offer, which is why using Toyota Genuine Parts is essential when it comes to vehicle repairs.

Ensure that your Toyota remains a Toyota with quality repairs using Toyota Genuine Parts. From a simple oil change to extensive accident damage repairs choosing Toyota Genuine Parts will ensure the quality of that repair. Developed and tested to keep your car running reliably and looking good, using Toyota Genuine parts for vehicle repairs is the only way to ensure that your Toyota stays in top condition for maximum performance.

Downtown Toyota is your local supplier of Toyota Genuine Parts in Brisbane, exclusively available from Toyota dealers. Insist on genuine parts for your vehicle repairs to ensure that your reliable Toyota remains a Toyota.

6 Reasons To Choose Toyota Genuine

All Toyota car parts are made to meet Toyota’s own high standards, backed by a Toyota warranty for your peace of mind. From retained value, guaranteed quality, and peace of mind to improved safety and performance, there are many reasons to choose Toyota Genuine parts for all of your vehicle repairs. 

1) Retain The Highest Value In Your Toyota

Everyone knows that a well-maintained car retains its value far better than a neglected vehicle. Proper vehicle maintenance means carrying out any repair works as the manufacturer intended. This means that Toyota Genuine Parts should be used when repairing your Toyota, as these are the only parts that have been developed and tested specifically for use in your vehicle.

Using Toyota Genuine Parts for every repair on your Toyota will keep your car running efficiently and as intended, retaining the highest value in your asset.

2) Fit For Purpose For Genuine Peace Of Mind

Unlike when using non-genuine parts, with Toyota Genuine Parts, there is no question that the parts will be fit for purpose, fitting right the first time, which will save you time and money on the unnecessary labour required to fit non-genuine parts.

Using Toyota Genuine Parts in all of your vehicle repairs will give you the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing each part will precisely fit all safety systems to ensure that everything works as intended.

Insisting on genuine parts for your Toyota repairs will also help you to avoid the risks and associated costs of counterfeit parts. While counterfeit parts can be very convincing, using branding and packaging in the same style as Toyota Genuine Parts, there is an easy way to ensure that your Toyota will not be fitted with such parts. Toyota Genuine Parts are exclusively available from licensed Toyota dealerships, so talk to your local Toyota dealer today at Downtown Toyota for quality repairs using Toyota Genuine Parts in Brisbane.

3) Quality, Durability, Reliability Guaranteed

Toyota vehicles are known to be quality-made, reliable, and durable, which is what you can expect from Toyota Genuine Parts. All Toyota Genuine parts are made to the same high standards as everything we do and are specifically designed for use for your model. In fact, no other parts are approved or warranted by Toyota.

Backed by a Toyota Warranty, Toyota Genuine Parts will give you confidence that your vehicle will continue to perform and protect you when you need it. Consider Toyota Car Insurance to ensure that all repairs carried out on your vehicle are completed using Toyota Genuine Parts for your peace of mind.

4) Keep You Moving Safely

Toyota Genuine Part repairs will keep you moving safely, avoiding the safety risks of installing inferior parts. All vehicles undergo extensive testing to ensure safety, and Toyota cars are no exception. However, all safety testing is performed on new vehicles made exclusively with genuine parts. This means that even the simplest of repairs using non-genuine parts can compromise the integrity and safety of your Toyota.

Not only can ill-fitting parts affect the look of your vehicle, but replacing a Toyota Genuine Part with an inferior part that has not been built to meet Toyota’s high standards can affect how the vehicles crumple zones perform in an accident, putting you and your passengers as well as other road users in danger.

5) Toyota Genuine Means Smoother Performance

Along with safety, vehicle repairs using non-genuine parts can also affect the performance of your Toyota. Take, for example, the brakes and suspension. The quality and condition of your vehicle’s brakes and suspension will affect how your Toyota handles. By using inferior parts to repair the brakes and suspension of your Toyota, you are risking your stopping power which is not something to take lightly.

Another use of non-genuine parts that could significantly impact the performance of your Toyota is the filters. Toyota Genuine Filters keep your Toyota running smoothly by removing impurities from both fluids and air intake. With non-genuine filters, there is no quality guarantee, and as they are not specifically designed for use in Toyota vehicles, they will not provide the same performance as Toyota Genuine Parts.

6) Ensure You Keep The Spark In Your Toyota

While they may be small, spark plugs play an integral role in the operation of your vehicle. Toyota Genuine spark plugs are made with a unique U-groove ground electrode for a large and consistent spark that provides a faster response and better fuel efficiency.

Conversely, poorly made or counterfeit spark plugs can melt down under stress which can cause a myriad of problems from reduced fuel efficiency and low acceleration to serious engine trouble if not addressed quickly. 

Toyota Genuine Parts Brisbane

From specialised HiLux to Landcruiser or Camry components, there’s a genuine part for every Toyota. By insisting on Toyota Genuine Parts, there’s no better way to help keep your Toyota in top condition.

To purchase genuine parts for your vehicle, please contact Downtown Toyota. Enquire here or browse the range here. If you’re looking for Toyota Genuine Parts in Brisbane, look no further than Downtown Toyota, with one of the largest parts departments in QLD.