Trade-in Your Vehicle With Downtown Toyota

Are you looking to trade in your much-loved vehicle for something different? At Downtown Toyota we have a really simple workflow that ensures the process is quick & easy. 

Bring in your vehicle to Downtown Toyota & speak to one of our friendly Valuation Team, or try our easy to use Car Valuation Tool to get a quick estimate

Car Valuation Checklist

When the time comes to trade-in your vehicle at Downtown Toyota often the very first question that's asked is what is my vehicle actually worth?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the answer :

  • Make, Model & Grade of Your Trade-In
  • Odometer Reading
  • Condition of Your Vehicle (Upholstery, Paint & Panels, Tyres & Service History)
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Market

Luckily at Downtown Toyota, we have staff members that have considerable experience in the valuation of vehicles.  Using their past experience, knowledge of the market and all the factors we mentioned above, they'll be able to put a price on your trade-in!

Try Our Car Valuation Tool

How Does It Work

Bring in Your Vehicle for Valuation

Valuate Your Vehicle

The first step is to bring in your vehicle to Downtown Toyota so that our valuation team can establish the value of your trade-in.  It's the best time for you to speak with our team member about the vehicle, service history and general condition.

Try Our Car Valuation Tool



Browse Inventory

Browse Our Inventory

No doubt you're looking to trade in your vehicle because you would like to upgrade to a new Toyota!  Choose from our range Of New, Used & Demo Vehicles or The valuer will introduce you to our new vehicle sales team so that they can assist with finding the vehicle that matches your needs. 

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Settle on a Change-Over Price

Complete Change-Over

You now have your trade-in valuation and have selected the vehicle you would like to purchase.  Using the valuation, the salesperson will establish a change-over price for your new vehicle and take you through the paperwork.

Once that's all done, you're ready to finalise the transaction and head off in your new Toyota!

Sell My Vehicle

Toyota Exchange at Downtown Toyota

Here at Downtown we acknowledge & appreciate our loyal Toyota customers, so we introduced our Toyota Exchange program, to make trading & upgrading your Toyota that much easier!

Our Lifecycle Specialist will contact you when your vehicle is nearing the end of Toyota Service Advantage to offer the following:

  • A complimentary lifecycle check-up on your current vehicle
  • A complimentary offer on your current vehicle
  • An offer to refund your last service bill and pay for your first service when you trade in your vehicle for a new Toyota in within 90 days of your service*
  • The opportunity to test drive the latest model of your current car as a ‘loan car’ (subject to availability).

* Refund of service bill is for a basic or logbook service and does not include additional repairs.