Car Service at Downtown Toyota

It Makes Sense to Insist on Toyota Genuine Service

Buying a car is the second biggest investment most people make in their lives. It’s an investment that should be carefully looked after and kept in top condition. To do this, you need someone you can trust to service your car correctly for a price that is competitive.

In their quest to build vehicles that are more reliable, safer, more economical and better performing, all manufacturers have turned to complex computer technology to deliver the vast improvements we have witnessed over the last decade.

Toyota is at the forefront of this brilliant new technology, building vehicles of outstanding reliability, performance, economy and safety.

In fact, Toyota vehicles are now so technologically advanced that servicing and repairing them is becoming a highly specialised field requiring the skills of expert technicians using sophisticated computerised equipment.

However, you needn’t be confused by all this jargon about engine management systems and the like. Remember, nobody knows your Toyota like the Toyota Dealer Network – the people you can trust. This is why we recommend you insist on Toyota Genuine Service.

A Downtown Toyota Service Offers

When you have your vehicle serviced at Downtown Toyota, you will be able to enjoy : 

  • Comfortable customer lounges
  • Fixed price servicing to manufacturer's specifications
  • Early bird facilities for early drop-off
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Factory approved equipment
  • We guarantee our work

Our long term relationship begins when your new car is delivered and continues when we service your vehicle to the highest possible standard.  Downtown Toyota is committed to customer satisfaction.