Downtown Toyota's Future

Elly introduces the Driving Our Future Project

Brisbane's Newest Toyota Dealership Coming Soon!

If you haven't already heard about the "Driving Our Future" project at Downtown Toyota, you're in for a treat. Here we present the road map to the redevelopment of our iconic Morningside location to become your newest local Toyota Dealer in Brisbane. Learn more about the project below and follow us as we progress.

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About 'Driving Our Future' Re-development Project

Because we work here, because we love it here, because you’re here we are “Driving Our Future”.
We're evolving into your future hub for all things auto - because we’re different.


The ‘Driving Our Future’ project involves the transformational redevelopment of our iconic site in Morningside, to create Brisbane's newest future-evolved automotive hub at your local Downtown Toyota dealership.

The ‘Driving Our Future’ project will enable us to meet the rapidly rising demand for future-focused automotive services.  

Because the future of automotive is now.


The future of auto is now.

To deliver todays and tomorrows ownership experience
of the worlds best product, with the worlds best auto brand.

Our guests will be inspired to embrace future-focused mobility alternatives such as car subscriptions, hybrid, and electric vehicles to achieve the ability to optimise their A to B moments and reach their goals in life.

- Liam Gaskin, Dealer Principal

October Highlights

Our journey towards a state-of-the-art facility took a major leap forward in October. The walls for the new service shop have risen, shaping the future of our service capabilities. We also completed the installation of a robust roof frame and a functional side awning, setting the stage for an unparalleled service experience.

November Highlights

To make way for the new car wash, we temporarily closed the service department over a three-day period for trench digging and foundation pouring. This closure allowed us to progress significantly with the redevelopment. Meanwhile, the extra space on the lot enabled our pre-owned sales team to organize our first ever Black Friday Sale. 

December Highlights

The final month of 2023 saw significant advancements despite the seasonal challenges. We applied resilient epoxy flooring to the car wash area, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, protective tarping was strategically placed to shield the construction site from the rains, keeping our progress on schedule.

January Highlights

January's progress on our new facility was notable despite the wet weather. The detailing area slabs were poured, with the bitumen laying scheduled next. Most painting tasks are underway, significantly shaping our facility's look. The garden bed frames installation has added a visible structure to our landscape. 

February Updates

In February, we focused on preparing for our move to the demountables, streamlining storage and decluttering in anticipation. The electrical stay pole was safely removed, marking another step forward. As we approach our move on March 1st, new furniture setups are underway, ensuring a seamless transition to our temporary setup.

March Updates

March Updates

In March, our journey toward unveiling a state-of-the-art facility saw significant milestones. We officially said goodbye to the old service workshop, now down to just the cement slab, a bittersweet moment of progress and new beginnings. Additionally, the old showroom has been stripped back to its foundations, marking another step forward in our transformation. These changes have dramatically reshaped the landscape for anyone travelling down Wynnum Road.

Looking ahead to April, we're gearing up for an exciting phase of our redevelopment - the widening of Bridgewater Street. This important upgrade is scheduled for the end of the month and promises to enhance accessibility and traffic flow around our new facility, ensuring an even smoother experience for our visitors.

​Despite the construction and changes, our commitment to providing exceptional service remains unwavering. We're navigating these changes with the utmost consideration for the convenience and safety of our visitors. As we transition through this period of growth, we're finding innovative ways to maintain the high standard of service you've come to expect from us.

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Why the Driving Our Future Project is so important

To encourage a future-focused mobility experience that fuels us for generations to come.
For our guests to enjoy the full experience of car buying and ownership with us.


The new Downtown auto hub will include:

  • A world-class service lane featuring the latest tech & equipment for the next generation of Toyotas
  • Free work desks for guests and free Wifi for all
  • Hot drinks selection including, tea, coffee, chai, hot chocolate
  • Free snacks and fruit 
  • Future of auto merchandise store
  • A parent's room and facilities including play area
  • Facilities to host community forums 
  • Facilities to host educational workshops on the future of auto
  • Future-focused training facilities for employees and our community


Benefits of Future Toyota Dealership to our Community

Moving from dealership to destination.
We will evolve from your local trusted Toyota dealership, to serve as your trusted destination as your drive your future.


The main benefit will be that our business is more environmentally friendly and more sustainable than ever before.

The car wash will optimise recycled water use and minimise town water use.

By evolving into a more sustainable business Downtown Toyota will continue to support our community and contribute to the local economy with more confidence.
This is our move in equipping us all in
Driving Our Future.

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