2 June 2024 · Used Car Retail

Haydn Kendall: Steering Excellence at Downtown Toyota

Haydn Kendall

Haydn Kendall, the pre-owned Sales Manger at Downtown Toyota in Brisbane, Queensland, is a prominent figure in automotive sales with a decade of experience. His journey in the industry is marked by significant achievements in sales, customer service, and team leadership. Haydn combines his extensive automotive knowledge with a passion for technology and photography, making him a multifaceted leader at Downtown Toyota.

In his role, Haydn has refined his skills in negotiation and customer engagement, utilizing advanced sales software to stay ahead in the fast-paced automotive market. His approach to sales is deeply customer-focused, ensuring that every client receives personalized service that makes their purchasing experience exceptional. Haydn's leadership extends beyond mere sales; he is dedicated to mentoring his team, fostering an environment of growth and excellence. Under his guidance, the pre-owned Sales Team has consistently exceeded their targets through innovative training programs and a collaborative team spirit.

Beyond The Showroom

Downtown Toyota, he dives into his hobbies with the same passion he brings to work. Originally from Cairns, Haydn loves capturing everything from the sprawling landscapes to the tiny wonders of nature through his lens. It’s his way of unwinding and appreciating the world’s beauty.

Sports have always been a big part of his life, too. From playing field hockey since he could walk to being a semi-pro umpire, Haydn has picked up more than a few life lessons on resilience and keeping cool under pressure—skills he uses every day when leading his team.

But it's not all about being on the go for Haydn. He treasures his quiet time spent camping and fishing, soaking in the tranquility of nature. These moments not only recharge him but also strengthen his connections with his young family and the community. Haydn values the friendships and ties he’s built over the years, enjoying a well-rounded life that balances the hustle of a busy dealership with the calm of suburban life and outdoor escapes.

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