19 February 2021 · Our Blog - Read The Latest Articles

Toyota Supply Update

Toyota Supply Update at Downtown Toyota

Downtown Toyota is on track for an exciting 2021 as we expand our new vehicle line up with significant new model and accessory launches planned that showcase innovation.

This year will also have some challenges in store as COVID-19 enters new phases. The overall demand for new vehicles and accessories, both globally and in Australia, is recovering much faster than anticipated with Toyota experiencing increased demand across high volume models.

As demand has increased, some key components also found in these vehicles have also experienced supply-demand increases due to COVID-19, affecting global production requests. Although Toyota plants are increasing capacity, we are anticipating that wait times for high-demand models, service parts and some accessories may be longer than usual in the coming months. Please be assured that additional stock is on its way.

These delays can mean extended delivery times on new vehicles which is why Downtown Toyota is committed to providing the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding expected delivery dates.

For more information about expected delivery dates for particular models, speak to our friendly team:


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Liam Gaskin

Liam Gaskin

Dealer Principal