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Toyota’s Battery-Electric Vehicles (BEV) of the Future

New Year’s celebrations are over and many of us are already back to our normal lives, but for Toyota, 2022 marks a special milestone: 25 years since the release of the original Toyota Prius. In 2022 Toyota is again leading the way with the recent announcement of 16 new Battery-Electric Vehicles that are set to be available by 2030. The new lineup was announced at an event in Tokyo late last year, and it represents an investment of more than $96 billion into electric cars and the technologies that go along with them.

Investing in Electric Vehicle Technology

The announcement of Toyota’s new battery-powered future is being supported by an investment of $96.2 billion. That money will go towards the research and development of the new technologies and platforms that are needed to support the company’s future. Approximately half of the money will be invested in Toyota’s full Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV) technology - a range of fully-electric battery-powered cars. The other half of the money will be dedicated to the further development of Toyota’s hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell electric cars.

Importantly, a $24 billion slice of the pie will be invested in the further development of battery technologies. Producing advanced, high-quality batteries that are more affordable for consumers is critical to the rollout of more hybrid and electric vehicles. That research is expected to be the driving factor in making mass-produced electric vehicles affordable, and it’s supported by Toyota’s long history of research into batteries and electric drivetrains.

Toyota’s New Battery-Electric Vehicles

Among the 16 new models announced at the Tokyo event, Toyota will be rolling out options that include electrified versions of existing vehicles and the all-new beyond Zero (bZ) series. The first bZ vehicle is expected to land in Australia in late 2022 or early 2023 in the form of the bZ4X. The bZ4X is Toyota's first full BEV and it’s set to occupy Australia’s favourite car market: mid-size SUVs. Toyota is expecting to launch a total of seven bZ cars by 2025, and the recent announcement included a bZ mid-size SUV, a small SUV, a mid-size sedan and a large SUV. Other models announced at the Tokyo event include seven lifestyle and commercial vehicles and four new Lexus models.

Toyota Beyond Zero

For three decades Toyota has been pioneering the road towards a world that creates zero emissions. Toyota’s beyond Zero (bZ) philosophy is all about creating technologies that power our world without creating harmful byproducts, and we’re getting started with a range of accessible electric cars and other vehicles. This recent announcement of 16 new vehicles is just some of the 30 new BEVs that Toyota plans to make available by 2030. The result will be a comprehensive range of cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles that will keep our world moving while supporting the company’s shift towards carbon-neutral and beyond Zero options.

While many of Toyota’s upcoming cars and vehicles will be powered by batteries and electric motors, Toyota won’t be limiting its technical solution. Australia is a large country and the people who live here have a huge variety of needs. From city-dwellers who make short, sharp journeys, to rural populations that travel huge distances over tough terrain, Toyota’s bZ initiative includes technologies that suit every lifestyle. This commitment to sustainable motoring solutions is all about making sure no one is left behind and that Toyota is able to offer carbon-neutral vehicles that cater to all Australians.

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Toyota is hard at work on creating a carbon-neutral future for the car manufacturing industry. While the full range of 16 new vehicles will roll out over the next 8 years, the bZ4X SUV is expected to arrive in Australia by early 2023. To find out more about the bZ4X and our other upcoming models, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today. At Downtown Toyota, we’re more than happy to discuss the future of our cars and help you make a plan to get involved with our upcoming battery-electric vehicles!