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Toyota GR Corolla Sports World Premiere

Firebreathing 220kW GR Corolla

It’s the world’s most popular small car and now Toyota have taken it to the next level with the very first GR Corolla!


Toyota has unveiled the long-awaited GR Corolla sports car, promising a spirited driving experience by combining essential GR Yaris underpinnings with an athletic five-door version of the world's best-selling nameplate.

Development by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing engineers kept faith with the performance brand's mission to make ever-better cars, bred from extensive experience in motorsport.

Scheduled to arrive locally in the final quarter of 2022, GR Corolla will be the fourth GR sports-car model to be launched in Australia, joining the GR Supra, GR Yaris and the upcoming GR86.

GR Corolla's performance credentials include a strengthened version of the homologation-special three-cylinder GR Yaris engine, as well as the GR-FOUR all-wheel-drive system, front and rear Torsen1 limited-slip differentials and six-speed manual transmission with a short-stroke gear shift lever2.

A valve-equipped triple-exhaust muffler improves airflow, unleashing maximum output of 220kW from the intercooled turbo engine, a gain of 10 per cent.

Corolla has a motorsport DNA

The GR Corolla sprang to life based on the strong desire of Mr Toyoda to "bring back a Corolla that captivates our customers".

Since the birth of Corolla in 1966, the nameplate has continually evolved into a variety of body styles to meet the changing lifestyles of Toyota customers.

Toyota has successfully used motor racing to introduce Corolla to the masses, building a proud motorsport heritage that has underlined its durability and reliability.

In Australia, Corolla has a long and successful motorsport record, helping to forge the car's reputation as durable, reliable and fun to drive.

Toyota Corolla's Motorsport DNA

Performance Specs

Performance Specs

Main GR Spec upgrades for new GR Corolla

Two of the main focus points are high-speed stability and cornering performance - for that ultimate drive.

Key Specifications and differences of the Toyota GR Corolla include;

  1. Wider fenders front and rear than a standard Corolla hatchback
  2. Cooling and aerodynamics also benefit from a front-bumper air intake, along with air outlets for the front fender and bonnet bulge.
  3. GR-FOUR system upgraded for maximum control when pushing the car to its limits.
  4. Pillow-ball bushings and enhanced springs, shock absorbers and wheel alignment further contribute to maximum cornering control.
  5. Body rigidity has been strengthened to achieve driving performance that responds instantly to driver operation
  6. Opposed-calliper disc brakes provide stable braking and control, enabling confident and enjoyable driving, even on racing circuits.
  7. A hand-operated parking brake has been used to allow better vehicle control even when pushing the car to its limits, such as when drifting.

Next level driving experience

The GR Corolla will not disappoint with the above incredible specs. Read more about how that benefits you below.

Benefits to drivers

Engineers have separated the system's "4WD" mode (which controls driving force distribution) and "Drive" mode (which controls accelerator response, steering and other systems), enabling selection according to driver preference and the driving environment.

In addition to the highly rigid frame made possible through production at the GR factory within Toyota's Motomachi plant, braces have been added between the rear wheel wells, to the under-floor tunnel, and under the floor in front of the fuel tank to improve handling stability.

The latest Toyota Safety Sense3 package assists in providing safety and security in daily driving while enhancing the driving pleasure of a sports car.

Completing the package, the GR Corolla hatch retains a five-passenger layout that ensures it is equally equipped for daily life as well as driving pleasure.

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