19 June 2020 · Our Blog - Read The Latest Articles

Top Achieving New Car Specialists at Downtown Toyota

We are very proud to announce that 3 of our New Car Toyota Specialists at Downtown Toyota have been recognised as Top Achievers amongst their 300 peers in the entire Toyota network of Queensland & Northern Territory.

In order to be ‘eligible’ for the program, let alone achieve a place in the program, Toyota Sales Specialists need to successfully complete 3 X technical and product knowledge quizzes, achieve target for Toyota vehicles sold as well as achieve a minimum of 80% advocacy from their guests.

Andrew Tulip - Toyota Fleet Specialist L to R: Kym Suridge, Andrew Tulip, Liam Gaskin

Andrew Tulip, one of our Fleet Specialists achieved “Leader” status, delivering over 302 vehicles in 2019, accomplishing 197% in product training and achieving 119% guest advocacy.

Andrew recently celebrated his 5th year anniversary with Downtown Toyota and is coming up to this 6th year as part of our Fleet Specialist team. Andrew’s experience in fleet surpasses his tenure at Downtown with over 20 years of Fleet Management experience in UK and Australian markets.

Congratulations Andrew on your hardwork and dedication to your role as Toyota Fleet Specialist and achieving “Leader”.

Patrick Molyneaux - Sales & Finance Executive L to R: Patrick Molyneaux, Liam Gaskin

Patrick Molyneaux, our Sales & Finance Executive of 1 year achieved “Member” status, delivering 164 vehicles in 2019, accomplishing 126.5% in product training and achieved 119% in guest advocacy.

Patrick has been with the Toyota network for 3 years, and is our first Sales & Finance Executive. The role is a new position incorporating both vehicle sales and vehicle financing and it breaks the mould of a traditional sales process allowing for a seamless enjoyable car buying experience.

Congratulations Patrick on achieving your award with Toyota Sales Society.

Luke Ummels - Toyota Specialist L to R: Luke Ummels, Liam Gaskin

Luke Ummels, our Toyota Specialist of 6 years achieved “Member” status, delivering 130 vehicles in 2019, accomplishing 122% in product training and achieved 122% in guest advocacy.

Luke has been part of the Toyota network for 7 years and has a wealth of product knowledge when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

Congratulations Luke on achieving your award with Toyota Sales Society.

Jon Wimhurst - Toyota Specialist L to R: Jon Wimhurst, Liam Gaskin

We’d like to acknowledge the long service and dedication our Toyota Specialist Jon Wimhurst has put into our dealership and his guests.

Jon has been with Downtown Toyota since 2000, and recently celebrated his 20-year anniversary in the Toyota network with Downtown Toyota.

Congratulations Jon on your dedication to the Toyota brand, our dealership and your guests.