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Our Top 5 Tips For Buying Used Cars For Sale In Brisbane


There are many benefits to buying a used car, and even more so with the recent disruption to the production and shipping of new cars as a result of the worldwide pandemic. However, there are also a number of risks associated with buying a used vehicle, from the condition and history of the vehicle to expired warranties and the potential for unseen damage.

Whether you’re buying a car through a dealer or a private seller, there are many factors that the savvy buyer should keep in mind to get the best value out of their new car.

Our Top 5 Tips When Buying Used Cars In Brisbane

As licensed dealers for Australia’s most trusted car maker, Downtown Toyota is the team to call when looking for used cars for sale in Brisbane. With years of experience in uniting motivated buyers with the best vehicle to suit their needs and budget, when it comes to used cars, we’re the experts. Read on for our top 5 tips when buying used cars in Brisbane.

1. Not all damage is easily visible

When buying a used car, it’s important to remember that not all damage is easily visible. You wouldn’t buy a car before inspecting it for any visible damage, however, some used cars will have damage that is not obvious to the untrained eye. For this reason, you should never buy used cars for sale without having a qualified mechanic inspect it for unseen damage.

Though the car may look to be in great condition, without a proper inspection conducted by a licensed mechanic, you could be buying an accident-damaged car without knowing it. This means that the car was significantly damaged in an accident and repaired to look like new which can affect the overall value of the car. In fact, a refurbished car that has been in a collision is typically worth only 60% of the value of similar, accident-free vehicles.

One of the benefits of buying a used car through a trusted dealer like Downtown Toyota is that we will only stock higher quality used cars for sale as opposed to private sellers who will sell used cars in any condition.

2. Check that the car is not encumbered

When purchasing a used car, it is critical that you check that your chosen vehicle is not encumbered. For example, someone could be trying to sell you a car that still has finance owing on it. This can result in the car being repossessed by the lender in order to pay the outstanding loan, leaving you without a car or the money you paid for it, having to take legal action in order to regain some of your losses.

If you want confidence that the used car you are buying is unencumbered, buying a Toyota Pre-Owned Certified vehicle is a great option. All TCPO vehicles come with a comprehensive CarHistory check which will ensure that there is no loan or finance owing on the vehicle. Additionally, you will be provided with assurance that the vehicle has not been stolen or written off, as well as a storm and flood damage check, and an odometer windback check.

3. Ask about existing and extended warranties

Finally, consider what warranties, if any, will come with your chosen vehicle. When you buy used cars for sale from a private seller, you are unlikely to receive any warranties or guarantees unless the car is still within the period of its factory warranty.

However, many used car dealers will offer extended warranties beyond the existing warranty on the vehicle. For example, Downtown Toyota provides an extended new car warranty plus another 12 months for newer TCPO models. With our extended warranty, you can have confidence in the quality of your used vehicle purchase.

4. Certified cars offer peace of mind

Further to the confidence that comes with buying used cars for sale from a dealer, there is also the option of buying a certified vehicle for peace of mind.

A certified vehicle is a vehicle that has met a set of strict criteria in relation to the condition, age, a distance travelled by the car. Toyota’s Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program includes an extensive 90-point inspection conducted by skilled Toyota Technicians. Qualifying vehicles must also be under ten years old with less than 160,000 kms travelled.

All Toyota Certified Pre-Owned (TCPO) vehicles come with a full service history and a CarHistory check, a 12-month Toyota-backed warranty, and one year of Toyota roadside assist.

When you buy a TCPO vehicle you can be confident in the condition of the car, having undergone a comprehensive quality inspection by licensed mechanics, unlike the uncertainty of buying used cars for sale through a private seller where you will need to pay to have a professional inspect the vehicle.

5. Trade in a car to add value

Another factor to consider when buying a used car is the option to trade in your old car as part of your new car deal to add value. This can significantly reduce the amount you will be paying to purchase a quality used vehicle. However, it is only an option when buying through a dealership.

An added benefit to trading in your old car as part of your used car purchase is that it takes away the hassle of then having to advertise and find a serious buyer for your old car once you have purchased a new one. When you trade in an old car while purchasing a quality used car from Downtown Toyota, we will take care of everything, from the vehicle valuation to establishing the change over price for your new vehicle, as well as all of the paperwork required to finalise the change-over.

Quality Used Cars For Sale Brisbane

If you’re looking for quality used cars for sale in Brisbane, Downtown Toyota is the number one choice. Our Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicles will give you confidence in used vehicle purchase with our thorough 90-point inspection, full service history, and extended warranty.

Talk to one of our friendly team members today on 07 3896 0100 to get started or browse our wide range of quality used cars for sale on our website.


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