4 March 2022 · Our Blog - Read The Latest Articles

First 5 steps to take after flood damage to your car

Recovering from flood damage may seem like a long road, Downtown Toyota is here to make sure it’s a smooth ride.

There are two main concerns to consider after flood damages your vehicle;

  1. causing further damage trying to start it after water ingress and
  2. replacing your current flood-damaged car with another vehicle that may also be flood-damaged.

Please ensure you follow these important steps when it comes to your vehicle post-flood to ensure neither happen to you. 

Step 1 – Stay safe

Safety is your top priority. Don’t do anything that puts anyone at risk and only return to your vehicle when it is safe to do so or when emergency services give the go-ahead.

If water has entered the vehicle don’t start it until it has been inspected by a mechanic. Downtown Toyota will come to you with our Mobile Servicing Unit and ensure your vehicle is safe to start. Keep your vehicle where it is until inspected for optimum protection.

Step 2 – Contact your insurer

You can commence the claim process even if you’ve lost your policy docs, your insurer can still help you. A major issue for Queenslanders is a potential problem with claiming flood damage on your insurance.

Flood water damage may be available under some comprehensive car insurance policies, but most third-party car insurance plans will not cover damage from floodwater. Even with comprehensive policies, there may also be exclusions where an individual has intentionally driven into floodwaters, which results in damage to the vehicle.

Check out this fantastic resource from Legal Aid QLD on claiming and also assistance when thinking about repayments.  

Step 3 – Document the damage

Make a list of the damage, take photos and make a reasonable effort to avoid any further damage.

Step 4 – Start the process of repair

You don’t need to wait for the insurance assessor to arrive. Check out further tips on what to do when on our website.

Step 5 – Begin evaluating replacement or new vehicles

When you need to urgently replace a damaged vehicle avoid unintentionally buying another flood-damaged vehicle. How you ask? Turn to experts you can trust, especially in times when flood-damaged vehicles are entering the marketplace.

Toyota Certified Pre-Owned (TCPO) Vehicles go through stringent tests with Toyota to ensure they still meet the quality, durability and reliability expectations of the brand and they come backed with an extended warranty.

Whether you are navigating a new or pre-owned vehicle replacement talk to Downtown Toyota and we will be guided by your preferences and needs during this tough time to help ensure you recover tougher with your Toyota by your side.

"The second-hand car market is booming at the moment and there may be difficulties finding a replacement vehicle and paying a reasonable price for it. Due to the record high prices being attached to used cars, resultant of the high demand connected to stock shortages, there may be difficulties in acquiring another car. MTA Queensland’s licensed used car dealers are best positioned to find the right car, at the right price.
To compound this, consumers may also have issues replacing their vehicle with a new vehicle instead of a pre-owned one, owing to stock shortages in this industry. However, don’t worry, there are cars out there. I encourage people to be flexible about what they are looking for and that will enhance your chance of success". - Rod Camm CEO for MTA QLD

Bonus Step

Give back. Whatever your experience there is always those who need help. Why not give back to the community you love so much. Downtown Toyota supports GIVIT for flood relief. 100% of the proceeds donated will be passed on to those in need.

To find out more visit downtowntoyota.com.au/floods, call 07 3896 0100 or visit GIVIT to fund flood relief.