21 August 2023 · Accessories

Genuine Toyota Hilux Exterior Accessories at Brisbane's Downtown Toyota

Toyota Hilux Accessories Brisbane

  When it comes to your Toyota Hilux, style, performance, and durability are all essential factors to consider. That's why Toyota Genuine Accessories from Downtown Toyota in Brisbane offer a range of exterior add-ons designed to seamlessly integrate with your Hilux, enhancing its look, protection, and functionality. These accessories meet Toyota's rigorous engineering and testing standards, ensuring the highest quality and performance. Let's dive into some of the top exterior accessories available for your Toyota Hilux. For all your Toyota Hilux accessories contact our parts and accessories department in Brisbane’s Lytton here.


Toyota Hilux 17 Alloy Wheels Brisbane

1. Alloy Wheels - Silver and Black

Give your Hilux a robust and dynamic appearance with Toyota's 17" Silver Alloy Wheels. The carefully machined face and 6-spoke wheel design are bound to turn heads wherever you go. Crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy using cutting-edge flow-form technology, these wheels are not only stylish but also lighter and stronger. Tested to Toyota's stringent standards, you can count on their high performance and durability. If you're looking for an even bolder look, consider the 18" Black Alloy Wheels, which offer the same benefits with an added touch of sophistication.

Toyota Hilux Aero Roof Racks Brisbane

2. Aero Roof Racks

For those who love adventure, Toyota Genuine Aero Roof Racks are a game-changer. With a sleek aerodynamic design and a corrosion-resistant black anodized coating, these roof racks increase your Hilux's cargo carrying capacity while maintaining its style. The best part? They're fully compatible with a range of roof rack accessories, making your adventuring possibilities virtually endless.

Toyota Hilux Premium Steel Bull Bar Brisbane

3. Premium Steel Bull Bar

Enhance both the safety and rugged appearance of your Hilux with the Toyota Genuine Premium Steel Bull Bar. Built from high tensile steel that's twice the strength of industry standards, this bull bar offers maximum protection and durability even in the harshest conditions. Its fabricated steel side sections with l-beam uprights not only add stiffness but also elevate the vehicle's aesthetics. Designed in collaboration with Toyota vehicle engineers, this bull bar integrates seamlessly with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), ensuring optimal occupant safety during off-road adventures.

Toyota Hilux Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set Brisbane

4. Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

Protect your valuable alloys with the Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set. These premium chrome-plated wheel nuts come with a secure-coded key, ensuring your alloys stay protected without compromising their style.

Toyota Hilux Bike Carrier Brisbane

5. Bike Carrier

Transport your bikes safely and stylishly with the Toyota Genuine Pro Ride Bicycle Carrier. Its adjustable frame holder accommodates most bike designs, while the quick-release straps make loading and unloading a breeze. With added security in the form of a lock, you can hit the road with peace of mind.

Toyota Hilux Body Side Moulding Brisbane

6. Body Side Moulding

Add protection and style to the sides of your Hilux with Toyota Genuine Body Side Moulding. This sleek design seamlessly integrates with your vehicle, offering an extra layer of defense while enhancing its profile.

Toyota Hilux Bonnet Protector - Tinted Brisbane

7. Bonnet Protector - Tinted

Keep your Hilux looking pristine with the Toyota Genuine Bonnet Protector. Crafted from high-strength acrylic, it protects against light damage and road debris while blending seamlessly with your vehicle's design. Available in tinted, clear, or matte black options.

Toyota Hilux Door Handle Protection Film Brisbane

8. Door Handle Protection Film

Preserve your paintwork's condition with Toyota Genuine Door Handle Protection Film. Prevent scratches and maintain your car's resale value with this colorless urethane film that fits perfectly around your door handles.

Toyota Hilux LED Light Bar Brisbane

9. LED Light Bar

For improved visibility during night-time and off-road driving, consider the Toyota Genuine LED Light Bar. Rigorously tested for structural durability and compatibility, this light bar is designed and tested in accordance with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), ensuring both performance and safety.

Toyota Hilux Tub Step Brisbane

10. Tub Step

Access your Hilux tray with ease using the Toyota Genuine Tub Step. Made from high-strength steel and rigorously tested in wet and muddy conditions, this step can hold up to 150kg and swings conveniently under the vehicle when not in use.

Toyota Hilux Winch

11. Winch

For those who love off-road adventures, the Toyota-enhanced Warn Winch is a must-have. Available in both heavy-duty steel and lightweight synthetic rope variants, this winch boasts 9,000lbs of pulling power and features electrical components strengthened to carry significant electrical loads.

Toyota Hilux Kayak Carrier Brisbane

12. Kayak Carrier

Love water sports? The Toyota Genuine Kayak Carrier is your solution for transporting kayaks, surfboards, or small boats. With adjustable rubber supports that securely grip your watercraft, this carrier ensures safe and gentle transportation. It even comes with straps for added security.

Toyota Hilux Side Rails Brisbane

13. Side Rails

If wrap-around protection is what you seek, Toyota Genuine Side Rails are the answer. These provide protection while the Toyota Genuine Side Steps offer a sturdy platform for vehicle entry and roof access. They're a perfect combination for off-road adventures.

Toyota Hilux Ski/Snowboard Carrier Brisbane

14. Ski/Snowboard Carrier

For winter enthusiasts, the Toyota Genuine Ski/Snowboard Carrier is a must-have. With key-lockable features for security and gentle grip on your gear, these carriers are designed to make loading and unloading skis and snowboards easy, even with thick gloves.

Toyota Hilux Slimline Weathershields Brisbane

15. Slimline Weathershields

Enjoy fresh air without letting the rain in with Toyota Genuine Slimline Weathershields. These clever accessories allow air to flow through your vehicle while protecting you from bad weather.

Toyota Hilux Snorkel - Ramhead Brisbane

16. Snorkel - Ramhead

When it comes to dusty conditions, the Toyota Genuine Snorkel is your engine's best friend. Designed to deliver cool, clean air to the engine, this snorkel's advanced technology ensures your engine's performance even in harsh environments.

Toyota Hilux Tow Bar or Tow Bar Tongue, Tow Ball and Trailer Wiring Harness (each sold separately) Brisbane

17. Tow Bar

For trouble-free towing, the Toyota Genuine Tow Bar is your go-to accessory. Developed in conjunction with the chassis, this sturdy fabricated steel construction ensures impressive towing capacity. It's rigorously tested for strength, durability, and seamless integration with your Hilux.

Toyota Hilux Ute Liner Brisbane

18. Ute Liner

Protect your tub from scratches with the Toyota Genuine Ute Liner. Designed for compatibility with various accessories, this liner ensures your tub stays in top condition.

Toyota Hilus LED Light Bar Brisbane

19. LED Light Bar and Rectangular Driving Lights

When it comes to illumination, Toyota Genuine LED Light Bars and Rectangular Driving Lights are unbeatable. Designed for greater visibility and vehicle safety, they're rigorously tested to ensure they meet Toyota's high standards.

Toyota Hilux Polished Nudge Bar Brisbane

20. Polished Nudge Bar

Enhance your vehicle's protection with the Toyota Genuine Polished Nudge Bar. This not only guards against knocks and bumps but also integrates seamlessly with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), ensuring occupant safety.

Toyota Hilux Headlight Cover - LED Brisbane

21. Headlight Cover - LED and Halogen

Protect your vehicle's headlights with the Toyota Genuine Headlight Covers. Made from high-strength acrylic, they resist cracking and UV discoloration while ensuring easy installation and removal for cleaning.

Toyota Hilux Heavy Duty Rear Bumper Brisbane

22. Heavy Duty Rear Bumper

Protect the rear of your Hilux with the Toyota Genuine Heavy Duty Rear Bumper. Made from robust steel, this bumper features a large rear step for added convenience. Its design not only enhances your vehicle's rugged appearance but also provides practical functionality.

Toyota Hilux Front Recovery Points Brisbane

23. Front Recovery Points

When off-roading, the Toyota Genuine Front Recovery Points come to the rescue. Designed to assist in tough situations, these recovery points provide the necessary strength and durability for safe vehicle recovery. Always follow the provided instructions and safety guidelines for proper use.

Toyota Hilux Rectangular Driving Lights Brisbane

24. Rectangular Driving Lights

For improved visibility and individual style, the Toyota Genuine Rectangular Driving Lights are an excellent addition. These lights undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure durability and compatibility with your vehicle's genuine parts and accessories.

Toyota Hilux Side Step Accessories Brisbane

25. Side Step

Make vehicle entry and roof access easier with the Toyota Genuine Side Steps. These steps not only provide a practical platform for various tasks but also protect your vehicle's body during off-road excursions. They are a valuable addition for both convenience and protection.  

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With these Toyota Hilux Exterior Accessories from Brisbane's Downtown Toyota, you can customize your vehicle to match your style, enhance its performance, and improve its functionality. Each accessory is designed and tested to meet Toyota's strict standards, ensuring that you're getting the best in terms of quality, durability, and integration with your Hilux. Whether you're looking to hit the trails, embark on an adventure, or simply enhance your vehicle's aesthetics, these accessories have you covered. Whether its for a new or used Toyota Hilux, contact Brisbane’s Downtown Toyota to explore these options.   Contact our Parts and Accessories Department here.